October 29, 2007

Mae La

Posted in Refugee camp at 10: 23 am by MK

A. and K. met at Mae La, the refugee camp on the border of Burma and Thailand. The Thailand Burma Border Consortium Web site offers a lot of information about life in a refugee camp.

Here’s a glimpse: the below chart outlines the daily rations provided for a refugee. (Supplemental nutrition is provided for pregnant women and children under 5 years old.) Remember: A. spent 18 years of his life living at Mae La. I hope this makes you stop and think as much as it made me.

Rice 15 kg/adult; 7.5 kg/child <5 years
Fortified Flour (AsiaMIX) 1 kg/person
Fish Paste 0.75 kg/person
Iodised Salt 0.33 kg/person
Mung Beans 1 kg/adult; 0.5 kg/child < 5 years
Cooking Oil 1 ltr/adult; 0.5 ltr / child < 5 years
Dried Chillies 0.125 kg/person
Sugar 0.25 kg/person