December 9, 2007

A new job tomorrow . . .

Posted in Employment at 7: 07 pm by MK

A. begins a new job (his first job in America) tomorrow.  A large party-tent manufacturer in the area has hired about ten refugees for manufacturing jobs.  The refugee office checked it out and the work is safe and indoors (which is a plus for A.).  He’ll make about $8.50 an hour and also receive health benefits.  The company is also providing transportation to and from the job.  A. seems more nervous than excited about the opportunity, and I can’t blame him.

Hopefully this will work out well.  As refugees have all the same rights as American citizens it is important for them to be treated as such, and not be taken advantage of.  The problem is that they may not realize what rights they are entitled to, and without strong advocates fall prey to any variety of problems.  But, I’m going to stay positive and hope that the job is great and its a step towards financial independence for A. and K.