October 30, 2007

What would you take?

Posted in Refugee at 11: 28 am by MK

P. posed an interesting question on his blog: If you were forced to leave your home tonight (knowing you’d never return to it) and all you could take with you was one small bag, what would you take?

Funny, just after I wrote that question I realized how privileged it is of me to be able to ask the question as a hypothetical . . .



  1. stilldocked said,

    What would you take?

    I thought about this for a while yesterday and try to determine what I needed…

    If given 20 minutes to evacuate, I would take my documentation, my phone, iPod and camera, a jacket, a sweater, a pair of pants, three changes of socks and underwear and two t-shirts.

    The thing that really made me worry (yes, worry) was would I be able to take my dog. Everything else is replaceable, even things like documentation and the photos that are near and dear to me, but my dog is my friend, even though he is a bit weird (well, so am I) and I am blessed to be in a reasonable situation where I don’t have to worry about losing him.

    Things are just things.

  2. Elizabeth said,

    This question takes on a very different meaning when one works for the Red Cross. Everyone should have a “to go” bag that contains important documents, medications, clothes, batteries, battery powered flashlight, food, water, etc… You never know when a fire, flooding, snow/icestorm will strike and you will have to leave your home.

    If the question is geared towards what would I take for sentimental reasons, the only thing that I can’t replace would be my boys baby books. Nothing else I can think of is one of a kind.

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