October 29, 2007

Spicy Dinner

Posted in Food at 10: 12 am by MK

I love spicy foods.  And yesterday proved that even more.  P. and I went to A. and K.’s house for dinner.  Every dish:  beef, chicken, shrimp, and all the dipping sauces were so spicy P. and I were both blowing our noses and drinking lots of water while A., K., and their other guests just laughed and laughed.  But seriously the food was great; I think cooking lessons will be needed.

The other guests included another couple and their two young daughters who were friends with A. and K. in the refugee camp and just got to the States last month.  A.’s language skills are growing more each time I see him.  Although I think it may have more to do with his confidence in trying to speak English than the actual skills.  We communicated well through some minimal vocab words and lots of gesturing.  He told us that his mother and father were both killed by the Burmese government when he was young.  And because he moved to the refugee camp at such a young age, he never had the chance to go to school.  He’s grateful to be safe in the U.S. and have the chance at a new life for himself, and, most importantly, his children.

Dinner was fun and P. and I reciprocated the offer:  everyone will be coming to our house on Saturday.  Now the hard part will be choosing the menu . . .


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