October 26, 2007

Rewarding Experiences

Posted in Community Education at 9: 27 am by MK

Being a community educator is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Last night’s experience teaching at the homeless shelter was both humbling and encouraging. There were 12 people in my class, all from diverse backgrounds. No one was required to attend so the folks that did were (for the most part) interested in what I was saying. Hopefully, I reached at least one person.

The shelter is beautiful. Just two-years-old it is modern, bright, and clean. The program manager seems like a good guy, and has a really nice relationship with the clients. The shelter has thirty beds and once you move in you stay as long as you need. Quite different from some of the 30-day stay places. The staff get to build relationships with the clients, and really help them get back on their feet, find a job, and a home. As as the program manager said to me, “There are a lot of misconceptions about homeless people. Trust me, we’ve had the best and brightest walk through these doors.”

Homeless shelters are always in need of volunteers.  If you can, seek out a shelter in your area and spend a couple hours a week helping out.  I know that shelters have a downside, I’m not trying to minimize that.  However, if you spend time in one I know you’ll find something positive, and when you do that’s what you’ll remember.


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  1. Jane Scripps said,

    Running community education at NorthTec has introduced me to the best of people. Passionate about their field, or their people or bringing learning to an area. One guru is introducing Organiponica raised bed gardens, his buddist background keeps him grounded whilst his passion means his message is being heard and sort after near and far; another who’s people have few transport options has worked hard to provide facilities for NorthTec to bring a miriade of courses. I think this could be the coolest job I have ever had.

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