October 23, 2007

Invited to Dinner

Posted in Family at 10: 28 am by MK

Last night I was at A. and K.’s sorting out their food stamp issues (more on that in a later post) and they invited P. and I to dinner on Sunday.  I usually just show up on their doorstep, and while they always seem happy to see me there’s a small part of me that feels like I’m intruding on their personal space.  So, I feel like this dinner invitation is big.  Another step forward in establishing trust.  After some attempted communication, I then realized they wanted me to bring my entire family (mom, dad, siblings).  I tried to explain to them that P. and I live in Albany, but our families live at a distance away.  K. put her hand on my shoulder and looked so sad for me.

Our cultural expectations of living with our families is quite different.  I realize how “American” it is of me that I don’t mind living 2-hours from my parents and siblings (you know, that I’m close enough to visit, but far enough away that we all keep our sanity).  And actually, for a lot of families 2-hours is really close.

Anyway, P. and I will be there for dinner on Sunday….and now I have to think of a good “American” dessert to bring with me…



  1. retepsnave said,

    ambrosia or a jell-o mold!

    although sadly gelatin (in both the Jell-O and marshmallows) is listed as Haraam… we’d have to look long and hard to find some Halal gelatin

  2. mariakristin said,

    Wow! I never even thought of those options, although somehow I was thinking of a yummy baked good and not a throw-back dessert of the 50s! How would you even explain what Jello is!!??

  3. retepsnave said,

    yes, quintessential American mid-century pop culture is heady with its oddities!

    yes, I think brownies or chocolate chip cookies are likely to take less explanation and ought to be halal.
    cookies would taste yummy good!!

    (my mom used to make those jigglers – more gelatin and less liquid make for a jiggly gummy like consistency that you can cut up and hold in your hand… great kid’s food!)

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