October 21, 2007

Building trust

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Some kind friends cleaned out their closets and gave me things (bedding, towels, clothing, a hairdryer!?) to give to A. and K.  I brought my husband, P., with me when I went to deliver the items.  They have been so welcoming of me into their home, meeting their family and friends, I thought it might be nice for them to meet mine.  After introductions were made, K. tapped my arm, smiled and gave me a big thumbs up sign.

From the welcoming I receive when I visit A. and K. and the information they confide in me when we have an interpreter, I feel they are beginning to trust me.

Today, after P. and I brought in all the stuff we had to give them, we sat, drank juice and ate cookies.  I’ve learned not to rush out after stopping by, because it usually takes a little time for A. or K. to bring up a problem or issue they are having.  After a bit, A. brought me his food stamp card and K. called a friend who speaks English to relay the problem:  there should be money on the card but when they went to the grocery store they were told the card was inactive.  I tried to call the 1-800 number on the back.  Get this:  it tells me to refer to the handbook I was given with my account if I have questions.  What wonderful advice.  And of course the local D.S.S. office is closed on Sundays.  I promised A. and K. I’d come back tomorrow, and in the meantime try to figure what is going on with their food stamps.

I’m going to try to find out the information on my own.  As they distrust their case worker, I do a bit now as well.  Of course I will probably need to contact her to get everything figured out, but the more I know the more I’ll be able to help.  Again, it’s about trust.  If they don’t trust their case worker, who else are they going to ask for help.  At least maybe they’ll trust me.


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  1. retepsnave said,

    you are right, there are two sides to every story… but its curious to hear more about where their distrust of their case worker comes from.

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