October 13, 2007

Nutritional Dinner

Posted in Community Education at 3: 06 pm by MK

Tomorrow I’ve been asked to pick up A. & K. along with at least one adult family member of a Burmese refugee family living in the apartment next door and drive them to a class (and dinner) on good family nutrition.

Of course I plan on taking them; the nutrition class and accompanying dinner will be a good experience for them.  My concerns?  Well:

1.  The volunteer coordinator that asked me to do this didn’t sound 100% sure that they knew I’d be coming.  I guess they have been told about this, but might not remember that it is tomorrow night.

2. Only the parents are invited.  The children must stay behind and be watched by either the neighbor family or the men (also Burmese refugees) that live downstairs.  I don’t know how well this is going to go over.  The one-year-old is pretty attached to K., and I can’t see her just leaving him.  I was also specifically told to encourage K. to go to the dinner.

How am I going to communicate all of this?  And will the children feel comfortable being left behind?

Until tomorrow . . .


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