September 12, 2007

Why aren’t the kids in school?

Posted in Uncategorized at 10: 50 am by MK

I can’t quite figure out why the two children are not in school yet.  We are almost a week and half into the new school year, and they have yet to go.  As of last Thursday their case worker told me she was going to pick them up Monday morning and take them…but as far as I can tell that didn’t happen.  I’m sure there is an explanation; their case worker seems very conscientious.  But she also appears to be pretty overworked…  I worry that the longer they wait to start the harder the transition may be if other students have already fallen into a routine with friends and classes. 


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  1. Elizabeth said,

    I wonder if it is all too overwhelming for the kids and they are refusing to go? Maybe the case worker is bringing them but they return home rather than go in. I will be curious to read how this turns out.

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