September 7, 2007

Theory & Practice of Second-Language Writing

Posted in Independent Study at 12: 15 pm by MK

I have finalized the content of my independent study, Theory and Practice of Second-Language Writing, and I’m psyched to officially begin.  So what will this all entail? See below for a description…

Course Content:

Through a reading list and research project, I will examine how the construction of second-language identity affects writers and ultimately writing pedagogy.  What are our community and institutional expectations for second-language learners?  How do we teach adult learners when they are no longer in a school system?  What are the literacy needs of adult learners?  For adults, writing a school term paper is not a needed skill; however, paying a phone bill or writing a check to the power company is necessary.  How, therefore, do we decide where literacy lessons should begin?  What have composition scholars discovered in writing and researching about these topics?  This study will focus on not just the construction of a writer’s second-language identity, but how that construction affects the way in which educators teach English as a second language. 

It will also be important to study how second-language identity is created.  Is second-language identity created by the student or the student’s outside community?  How do immigrants or refugees cope with the loss of professional identity when they move into a new country, culture, and language?  Ultimately, how second language identities evolve impacts the ways in which students learn.  This course will study what current theorists are writing and saying about these issues.    


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  1. Elizabeth said,

    Wow. This sounds intense but very interesting. Good luck!

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