August 3, 2007

Door-to-Door Solicitation

Posted in Uncategorized at 8: 50 am by MK

Through a translator I discovered that four men from the NYS Fraternal Order of Police came to A. & K.’s door to ask for a donation. A. assumed he owed the American police money and was terrified. He wasn’t answering the door anymore because he thought they were coming back to collect the envelope they had left with him. He frantically handed me the envelope and papers asking for my help.

How do you explain fundraising?

I tried my best to assure him that he did not owe the police money. And I tried my best to tell him not to give money to anyone who comes to the door, or who calls on the phone, or who sends something in the mail without speaking with their case worker or myself first. He seemed to relax as I ripped up the material and threw it in the garbage. But I’m not sure he entirely trusts me.

Their world has changed.



  1. Elizabeth said,

    Think about the number of English speaking people who are the victims of con-artists or who get sucked into giving to every cause that comes to their door. I can only imagine what a non-English speaking person would think.

  2. mariakristin said,

    Absolutely! And the material was so official looking how could he not think it was a required payment.

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