August 23, 2007

Where is Scotty’s snake?

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Shelter takes in pair of slithering guests


August 22, 2007

Building Vocabulary

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I purchased an Oxford English Picture Dictionary for A. & K. in hopes that it will help them learn new vocabularly.  We have just about covered everything in their home, and I am learning there is only so much charades will convey.  I’d like to add five new words each lesson and I’m hoping this will make that goal a bit more attainable.


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If A. and K. and I could speak the same language, I wonder what their reaction to these events would be . . .

Rare Public Protest in Myanmar

August 3, 2007

The whirlwind of life

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Yes there was a lag in my postings… This past week has been stressful and exciting all at the same time. I have accepted a position as a community educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Albany County. Under the division of human ecology I will be teaching a variety of “life-skills” classes, e.g. how to make a family budget, how to best use your food stamps, how to conserve energy in your home, how to make nutritional food choices. I will be writing communications materials for them as well.

I am beyond excited about this opportunity. Community-based educational opportunities for adults seems to be essential right now. How else do you reach those in need who have left our educational system but still need the chance to make the best out of their lives? I am sure this job is full of challenges that I’m not even yet aware of, but I can safely assume I won’t be bored.

In light of this blog, I think this job experience will bring a new dimension and aspect to my research. At this point I’m not sure what percentage of second-language speakers will be in my classes, but I’m sure they will comprise a portion. I hope to include those interactions in my discussions.

I begin this adventure August 20th; keep your fingers crossed.

Door-to-Door Solicitation

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Through a translator I discovered that four men from the NYS Fraternal Order of Police came to A. & K.’s door to ask for a donation. A. assumed he owed the American police money and was terrified. He wasn’t answering the door anymore because he thought they were coming back to collect the envelope they had left with him. He frantically handed me the envelope and papers asking for my help.

How do you explain fundraising?

I tried my best to assure him that he did not owe the police money. And I tried my best to tell him not to give money to anyone who comes to the door, or who calls on the phone, or who sends something in the mail without speaking with their case worker or myself first. He seemed to relax as I ripped up the material and threw it in the garbage. But I’m not sure he entirely trusts me.

Their world has changed.