July 19, 2007

And tonight, a new student

Posted in Uncategorized at 3: 36 pm by MK

Tonight I tutor E., a Russian woman who immigrated to the U.S six years ago. Her language abilities are more advanced; she is a student at Hudson Valley Community College working on her bachelor’s degree. We are focusing on her writing–she has the ability to express herself, but syntax is often inverted and tenses (esp. the past tense) give her problems. There is also that pesky problem of subject verb agreement, which is really quite annoying for second language learners.

Anyway, I had a brainstorm to ask E. what it was like for her when she first came to the States. How much English did she know? What was most important for her to learn first? What was something she wished she had learned first but didn’t learn until later? Maybe this will give me better insight as to where my lesson plans should head for A. & K. and their family.

It’s going to be quite interesting to work with students with such a wide range of abilities, but hopefully it will allow me to better understand the full spectrum of ESL students.



  1. retepsnave said,

    I think that’s a good idea to get insight from her on what she found were the difficulties and language barriers she first faced when arriving to the US.

  2. Elizabeth said,

    What a great idea. This could really help you with your lesson plans.

  3. sara said,

    with one of the largest vocabulary of any language, plus the large amount of irregular verbs, english definitely is not an easy language to learn with all the nuances and such. and that does give a lot of people problems.
    as for teaching, some people are more geared to visual learning or auditory learning (as i’m sure your mom &/or dad could tell you). so a combination of both having them repeat things and practice out loud, as well as having written exercises really do seem the way to incorporate everyone’s learning styles.

  4. mariakristin said,

    You are absolutely right. And repetition is the key– they more they say something, the more likely they’ll remember it!

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